Our Wedding Video | 07.26.19

After ten months of dating and four months of engagement, we were married on July 26, 2019, in Southern California.

We're very fortunate to have about a dozen friends (and dozens of friends-of-friends) in the wedding industry, so our entire day was planned and executed alongside a team of incredibly talented, warm and friendly professionals. (I'll share more about them--with links--down the road.)

For now, here's our unbelievable highlight video:

It's beyond what I could have imagined, really. The speeches, woven into the footage, connect our very favorite people to the day in such a special way. I told Madeleine, our videographer, that I'd like to have this video cued up on an iPad stationed by our front door and ask everyone who visits our home to watch it upon entry... that's how much I love it.

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