Small Comforts

All the newness in this new season (new town, new home, new church, new marriage, new Target!) has brought with it the full range of emotions.

There are such high highs being newlyweds as we're slowly learning to build a life together. But, being unemployed and friendless for a few months has also brought some pretty low lows.

On more than one occasion, Josh and I have sat together while I've wept as we talk through my feelings of homesickness and the growing pains of realization that my worth is not dependent on what I do between the hours of 9am and 5pm each day. (Incidentally, he's wonderful at holding space for grief.)

In the midst of all of this, I've been looking out for and holding tightly to small comforts. The tiny, seemingly insignificant things that make a new place feel familiar, feel comfortable, feel like home.

Here's a shortlist of recent small comforts:

1. Running into someone I know at the grocery store.

2. The first 'belly laugh' with a new friend.

3. Singing a familiar song in church. (It amazes me how comforting--even emotional--it is to not need to stare at the screen or fight to find the cadence of the lyrics.)

4. Not needing a menu at a restaurant.

5. Feeling confident enough to greet each person in a family by name.

6. Baking something from scratch that's so good Josh's coworkers mention it a few days later.

7. Finding a serve opportunity in the church that feels in line with my gifts.

8. Completing a full day of errands without the need for Google Maps.

9. When a new friend's kid comes running across the room, excited to see me.

10. The familiar routine of making dinner, watching a show, and getting ready for bed together.

How about you? What are some small comforts you've experienced recently? Or maybe one or two you remember from a difficult season?

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