Top 5 Thursday: Crafts On My List

If money were no object, I'd jump at the chance to complete these five crafts:

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1. Bake this chocolate raspberry cake. You may recognize it from the opening credits of The Great British Baking Show. With every episode, I think, "Geez! That cake looks delicious!" I'm gonna test that theory sometime soon.

2. Repaint my craft table. This 300-lb custom-built graduation gift from my dad was painted in 2005 and has been hauled from house to house ever since. It's time for a bit of a facelift... or, at the very least, a little love.

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3. Create this massive holly wall hanging. I have no place for it--no place to hang it during the holidays or store it on the off seasons--but I love it so much. Someday, I hope to make it happen.

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4. Arm knit a blanket. Gosh, this looks so beautiful and so time-consuming. It also seems like something that would show every mistake and, thus, be remarkably frustrating to create. BUT if I could... (!!!!!!!)

5. Recreate my wedding bouquet using felt flowers. Erice (at Everbloom Floral Designs) did such an amazing job creating our bouquets. Imagine how gorgeous this would be to have forever on my mantle or bookshelf!

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  1. I have room for the wreath...a place to display it...and to store it! LOVE all of this! :)