Top 5 Thursday: Favorite Items From Our Registry

1. Because I'm a light sleeper and Josh snores, this Dohm white noise machine has been the most used--and most appreciated gift. In fact, we just bought the travel size for our upcoming trip to the National Youth Workers Convention.

2. The place Josh was renting when we got married (which we now share) has a tiny master bathroom... as in "do we keep extra towels or spare toilet paper... we clearly can't have both!" The answer was found in this medicine cabinet. (I'm fairly confident that a main qualification for designing apartments or townhomes is that you've never actually lived in an apartment or a townhome. The layouts! The cabinet space! Come on!)

3. Our cast-iron skillet. If I'm honest, I wasn't 100% sure if or how we'd use it, but I have a handful of friends who have raved about theirs, so we added it to the list. We now use it two-to-three times a week. On some of these recipes.

4. We love to watch shows together. This Sonos Soundbar was an unexpected gift (we honestly thought we'd use the post-wedding discount to buy it ourselves and then it arrived at the house!) and is such an incredible luxury. And, we recently started listening through the Harry Potter series on Audible... the soundbar really brings Jim Dale's narration to life. (Currently on Goblet of Fire!)

5. Last, but certainly not least, this Black and Decker handheld vacuum. I would kiss this thing on the mouth if it had one (and if it weren't covered in dirt and dust, obviously.)

BONUS: If Josh had his way, our Playstation would be on the list. It was the first gift purchased on our registry (by a friend from my book club!) and he was over-the-moon when it arrived.

If you were getting married tomorrow, what would be on your registry? or If your best friend were getting married tomorrow, what are the must haves you'd encourage her/him to add to their list?

{photo from the day we built our Target registry}

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