Top 5 Thursday: Shows We've Binged Together

Since we dated long-distance, everything was new and exciting once we lived in the same place.

We get to sit together and watch a show together! At the same time... not counting down and trying to press play at the same time with one person's volume down to avoid an echo. We're still not over the magic of ending a long day curled up on the couch watching an episode or two... together. An entirely new level of closeness--not just in the same town, but in the same house.

Here are the shows we've loved so far:

1. The Office. (Duh.) We'd each seen it at least twice through--Josh has probably seen it about a dozen times--so it was the easiest thing to watch while we were long-distance. We'd countdown from three and press play and I'd spend the first few seconds pausing or fast-forwarding to match up to his audio. Fortunately, since I already knew the punchlines, it wasn't a huge deal if his sound cut-out or I fell asleep mid-episode. We were even Jim and Pam for Halloween when we first started dating.

2. 30 Rock. Tina Fey is the greatest. She's my answer to any "which celebrity" question. I'd invite her to a birthday/dinner party, I believe we'd be friends if we met in person, I'd have ZERO CHILL if I ran into her at the airport or on the street... Josh had seen most of these, but not all of them, so many of the episodes were new to him. It was really fun to hear him laugh at the lines I've quoted for years.

3. The Great British Baking Show. There's no way to escape it. No matter who you are or how interested you may or may not find amateur banking contests, this show will suck you in. They're just so nice to each other! I can't get enough.

4. From the Earth to the Moon. Josh went to Space Camp as a kid. I like to tell people I think the Moon Landing is a hoax. (I almost put Moon Landing in quotes, but it would be the equivalent of slapping Josh in the face, so I didn't.) It was the greatest Christmas gift I could give him, watching this show all the way through without heckling. (And it really is really well done.) What made it even better was watching while eating breakfast foods in a living room fort... because, in addition to eating like teenagers, we also act like them.

We haven't found a ton of shows we love in the new Fall line-up, but there are dozens of shows we've watched separately that we're now enjoying together.

5. LOST. As frustrating as the ending was for so many viewers, the first few seasons are really, really good TV. Lots of suspense and unexpected plot twists and some beautiful life stories. We're just over halfway through this time around. I'm sure the series finale will be a letdown after the rewatch as well, but I think I'm okay with that.

We typically try to have two shows going at a time: an hour-long drama and a 30-minute comedy... you know, depending on the mood. So, in addition to LOST, we're also watching Seinfeld.

Any suggestions for shows you think we might enjoy?
What have you and your friend(s), roommate(s), spouse binge-watched together?

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