Why I've Loved Being A Dasher

I’ve been driving for Door Dash for about a month now and I’ve been surprised by how much I love it.

I started as a way to make a little money... and as an excuse to get up and leave the house each day, (unemployment was beginning to make me a bit stir-crazy) and I have to admit, though I was a bit nervous at the start, since I’ve only lived here for a few months (what if I get terribly lost and then deliver cold food?), but my fears were turned to excitement after my first long shift.

Here are a few reasons I love being a Dasher:

I’m learning my new city. Following Google maps all over town, I’m learning back routes during high-traffic times, seeing new neighborhoods, (My favorite so far is Edelweiss. Its streets are named for the Von Trapps!) and finally learning where things are. (The number of times someone has said, "Oh you know, over by the Wal-Mart." and I give them a blank stare, but nod anyway to avoid an attempt to explain using another store/landmark I'm unaware of.)

I’m finding new restaurants. Each shift has brought me to at least one new restaurant for a pick-up and, my goodness this town has some great options! Last week, I found a new BBQ place with the kindest staff and the most amazing display case. This week, I picked up from a Chinese restaurant with what is, so far, the best smelling delivery I've made.

I’m meeting new people. I’m not having a ten-minute interaction with each restaurant employee or customer, but I’m given an opportunity to make small talk with, offer a smile and a “have a nice day” to a handful of people. Honestly, it feels good to practice kindness to so many strangers.

I'm making a little money. Door Dashing won't take the place of a full-time salary, but it did cover a full grocery run this week--and a few tanks of gas last week--and that's pretty good if you ask me. It's tracked in the Dasher app and automatically sent to our bank account via direct deposit once a week.

Think you'd ever be interested in Dashing? Have you found a side-hustle you've really enjoyed? I'd love to hear about it!

This post isn't sponsored. I just wanted to share a bit about how much I've enjoyed this as a side-hustle in case you're looking for an avenue for some extra spending money.

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