Midweek Meals Made Easy

In true Youth Ministry fashion, Wednesdays are long days that end with late nights. If we're eating dinner before 9:30pm, we call it a victory.

In our first month (or so) of marriage, we'd come home from midweek and stand in front of the fridge unsure of what to do next. We were both super hungry, but too tired to cook anything. At these points, even waiting for bacon and eggs to cook sounded like torture.

It only took a few weeks of this before our mutual frustration was channeled into problem-solving. Slow Cooker to the rescue.

With a little bit of research and even less prep, we have hot, delicious meals ready when we get home. And, as a bonus, our house smells incredible.

Here are some absolute winners:

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork (I could eat this all the time... bonus: it makes about 8 servings, so we can eat it for lunches or quick dinners for a week)

Chicken, Rice, and Green Chile Casserole So simple and flavorful.

I've shared this Chili before, but it's been a go-to around here. And I'm sure it'll be a staple as we approach the colder months. (I like to add small potatoes so it's not just straight meat and tomatoes.)

Creamy Southwest Chicken. I prefer the bell peppers diced, not sliced... other than that, this is a winner. (The photo at the top is of this chicken... doesn't it look amazing?!)

I haven't made this one yet, but it's next on my list.

How about you? Do you have any go-to Slow Cooker meals around your house? We're definitely in the market for additions to our rotation, so please share!