Date Night: Brought To You By Wikipedia

{photo from the night we moved all of my stuff into our house}

Josh and I have been on a pretty strict budget as we work to pay down student loans and save for the future. (Thank you, Dave Ramsay.) 

While we're all for making a new dinner at home or watching something on Netflix, we've been trying to come up with more creative ways to connect.

In my hunt for cheap/free date night options, I stumbled across this list of 27 Stay at Home Date Nights.

What I love about this list is that the ideas range from high-energy (lip sync battle) to mellow (taking a stroll down memory lane through videos on your phones). 

For now, we’re deep in an on-going WikiWar battle. Here's the description:
Choose a random Wikipedia page topic. That will be your end page destination.  Both of you are trying to navigate to that page starting from two totally different and random Wikipedia pages (i.e. you start on Kerri Strug, he starts on The Death Star and you are both trying to get to Tiananmen Square).  The catch is that you can only do it by clicking on links from Wikipedia pages!  Whoever gets to the end destination first, wins. Whoever learns the most interesting factoid wins second place.  

It’s only gotten more fun—and more competitive! And it's created some great conversation about how differently we approach a project. (I just click like mad on links until I find something that might lead me where I want to go while Josh pauses to think through what a logical thread of connections might be and then scrolls through until he finds the perfect link. We both think the other is never going to win with that approach, and it's somehow about 50/50.)

It's a full night of fun for $0. (I mean unless you're a stickler and choose to count the cost of internet, but in that case, you could probably play for free using side-by-side computers at the public library... or using the wifi at Starbucks... the possibilities are endless.)

I'd love to hear if you try anything from the list. There are several fun ideas that I think we'll try at some point... but I'd love to know which you've enjoyed!

I'd love to hear any ideas you have for inexpensive date nights. (Especially any you've come up with during shelter-in-place!) 

P.S. I’ve lived in about a dozen different roommate situations over the years... some great and others not so much... other than numbers 21 and 25, (give each other massages and makeout) the rest of these would work well for your homes, too!

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  1. As Bum would say, "I LOVE it!"
    It's so fun to see you having so much fun! :)