Searching For The Magic Words: Round Two

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Back in November, I shared a bit about my husband's diet and my hunt for recipes with the magic words: "My kids loved it." This short phrase assured me that Josh would, at the very least, be willing to try it and if the meat-to-vegetable ratio was just right, might even be willing to eat it more than once.

The six in the original post were on heavy rotation for the several months (this breakfast skillet is still a fixed part of our weekend routine) but, come Spring, it was time to bench them in favor of some new flavors.

This time, I was searching for recipes that not only included (but didn't taste too much like) vegetables but also included items I knew I'd be able to find at our local grocery store during shelter-in-place. To go one step further, we were working to decrease the amount of meat we were purchasing (to both help ensure there was enough to go around and because we were on a bit tighter budget with my nannying job on hold for the time being) so I worked to stretch things into more than one meal. 

We found our way... quite deliciously, I might add. And now it's time to pass these Price household favorites on to you.

Here are the five Magic Word Meals that sustained us through shelter-in-place:

These Turkey Stuffed Peppers (shown above) were our #1 go-to. They are flavorful and filling and stupidly easy to make. We made them at least once a week (if not more) and I'm fairly certain it will be a meal that always reminds me of watching Field of Dreams on our couch on a "who knows what day or time it is" kinda night in the middle of the pandemic.

This Rosemary Chicken is so easy, makes the house smells amazing, and feeds 4-6 people (or the two of us 3 times.) Typically I'd make it without the rosemary so we could season it in other ways for dinner on nights 2 and 3. (Night 1: chicken and veggies from the crockpot. Night 2: chicken and rice (or potatoes) with Trader Joe's yellow curry and cauliflower. Night 3: chicken fried rice.)

Speaking of something ridiculously good that will make multiple meals, this Slow Cooker Pulled Pork! A 6-pound pork shoulder will feed two for a week. (Night 1: w/rice and beans and salsa. Night 2: bbq pulled pork sandwiches w/sweet potatoes. Night 3: tacos w/cabbage or w/ teriyaki sauce over rice. Night 4: Brussels and sweet potatoes or salad. Night 5: nachos.)

When you choose to label your recipe Better Than Takeout Chicken Fried Rice, you'd better be right... (she certainly is.) My favorite part of this recipe is that it's pretty much a 'clean out the fridge' meal (last night's rice with chicken from the night before...add some frozen veggies and voila!) that somehow feels kinda glamorous. It comes together in less than 10 minutes and yet I always felt super accomplished when I take the first bite. 

These Apple-Cheddar Burgers were found for a camping trip that never was. However, they're just as delicious made on the stovetop as they would be over a campfire. This is the one recipe that makes multiple meals and is really the same every night. We'd switch up the veggies to go with it and, one night ditch the bun and replace the onions with a fried egg, but, honestly, even on Night three, these are still 100% worth it. (You could half the recipe, too, I suppose, this was just an easy week of 'don't have to think about it' meals for us which was a BIG win during shelter-in-place.) 

For the record, I did far more baking than cooking during these weeks. There's a full Baked Good Recipe Round-up coming your way soon!


I'd love to know if you try any of these. And, I'd LOVE to hear about the meals/recipes that got you through shelter-in-place! Please leave me a link (or the recipe) in the comments below.

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  1. I am going to try the stuffed peppers immediately! So happy to see a new post from you!