Top 5 Thursday: Shows We've Binged Together

Like nearly every household, we streamed mass amounts of television in the blur of hours-turned-to-days-turned-to-weeks of shelter-in-place. 

Here are five of our favorites:

1) The Crown

{via Netflix}

A Netflix original series recounting the life of Queen Elizabeth II. While Season 3 proved slightly less captivating than the first two, (while episodes move more quickly through time, the overall storytelling seemed slower) we watched all available seasons and will likely pick up when season 4 is released, hopefully, December 2020. 

2) Kim's Convenience

The day-to-day goings-on in and around the convenience store owned and operated by the Korean-Canadian Kim family. This was suggested to us by a Youth Pastor friend of ours and he was not wrong! Josh and I typically choose an hour-long drama and 30-minute comedy we flip between, based on our mood, but after two or three episodes, this became our one-and-only show until we finished all five seasons. We've since suggested it to family and friends who have all watched it in a matter of days. It's so great.

3) The West Wing

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One of my all-time favorite shows. While it slows in the final few seasons, (the pacing and some character personalities change when a new writing staff takes over) it's well worth the watch. There's so much goodness and passion and even levity. A few days after we finished, Josh said, "I wonder what Toby and Josh are up to..." Like any good show, we were invested in the lives of the characters, and (almost) missed them when it ended. I think it'll be one we watch together again in a year or so.

4) Community

This is one Josh had seen multiple times but was new to me. I'd caught scenes in passing over the years, but never thought they were very funny. I agreed to give it a shot and within a few episodes was hooked. I'd honestly watch an entire spin-off starring just Troy and Abed... and I know I'm not alone. 

5) Making It

Okay, this is one we watched pre-shelter-in-place, but still... we watched it really quickly. As each episode ended, we'd look at each other and say, "one more?" While Season 1 feels like it's trying too hard, by Season 2 they'd found their way. The Makers are extremely creative, but also so kind. I love a competition show in which the contestants cheer each other on. It left us dreaming about ways to inexpensively redecorate our house and Student Building at the church. (We just finished a big project. I'll share some photos soon!)

In case you missed it, you can read about five other shows in Round 1. We're currently re-watching The Office (for the tenth or trillionth time, I'm not sure...) and are a few seasons deep in ER. 

What are you watching? Now that you've seen the types of shows we like, is there anything you'd recommend?

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  1. The Crown--spectacular. Sets, locations, costumes, acting, HISTORY! Amazing!
    Community--Fabulous! Hilarious! CREATIVE!!
    New Girl--Hilarious!! So funny, so realistic, so relatable!
    SCRUBS--old, but still relatable and so funny.
    The Middle--HYSTERICAL! VERY relatable!!
    Mrs. Maisel--the best!!
    Need to watch West Wing!