Jesus the Peacemaker

I posted this on Instagram back in June, but I want it to live here, too. I want anyone who stumbles across this space to know that my husband and I are actively working to be anti-racist and to help teenagers entrusted to our ministry to get a full, true picture of Jesus' life and ministry and live with that same heart.

Yes, Jesus came to bring peace.

But not to keep the peace. 

He gave his life that we might live in freedom, no longer held captive by our sin or shame. AND He fought and spoke out against a man-made system designed to oppress.

If we as Christians claim to follow His teachings and hope others might see Him reflected in our lives, we can not stay silent or stand idly by in the fight for justice.

We must be about bringing change to a man-made system built to oppress BIPOC in the U.S.

Beginning in our own hearts and homes. But not stopping there.

Otherwise, we are living and proclaiming only a partial gospel. One that allows us to decide for ourselves who our neighbors are and how we should love them.

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  1. I learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing these deeply complex issues in such a simple, understandable way...