Top 5: Quarantine Purchases

{Can you spot our Stormwatch companion? A bullfrog waiting out the rain in our doorway.}

After months cooped up in their homes, people started to confess the wild things they'd purchased during the "what-time-is-it-what-day-is-it" fog of shelter-in-place. (My favorite is this snake bracelet and roundup from a Blogger/Disability Advocate I follow on Instagram. The comments are also pretty great.)

While we were more in the "penny-pinching" camp during shelter-in-place, we did make a few purchases that were unexpected mood-lifters, in the following days and weeks.

Here are our Top Five Quarantine Purchases:

1. While I think we were both a little leery of the "they're always listening"-side of Alexa, I have to say, our Echo Dot was a source of laughter on more than one occasion. She has great trivia features (including Harry Potter and The Office!), Jimmy Fallon's Dad Jokes, and of course great audio for music and books. Definitely worth the 1984 risks, if you ask me.

2. I'm not an avid user of essential oils (we have a set of three that were a Christmas gift), this Small Diffuser was a great choice for keeping our home smelling fresh (especially after the shaving cream, Sandwich of Doom, and other Youth Ministry nonsense happening in our living room.) There's also a mixture that repels mosquitos while smelling excellent--an added bonus mid-humid Texas Summer.

3. Since I couldn't stop baking--and ingredients were getting harder and harder to come by as the weeks drew on--I finally gave in and bought a huge bottle of vanilla extract. I may have celebrated when it arrived in the mail and there's still about half a bottle left, so it's kind of the gift (to myself) that keeps on giving. 

4. About a month before shelter-in-place, the older brother of the boy I nanny stayed home from school sick. During naptime for little brother, he and I played about 10 rounds of Sequence. As soon as we heard we might be sheltering for a month or so, I bought it for our house. It currently lives under our coffee table because we still play too often to ever put it away. 

5. But the true shining star of our quaran-time was our magnetic screen door. Living in a townhouse, we don't have a ton of outdoor space. We went for walks around the neighborhood and the little manmade lake a few streets over, but there was something freeing, really, about having the option to keep the door open--fresh air, sunshine, the sounds and smell of rain--as we worked from home all day every day. (As a post-quarantine bonus, it has been a real treat watching people try to navigate getting through. Some people look for a zipper, others timidly reach out a hand to gently open it, a few have given up and looked to us for help. It makes me laugh every time.) 

 Runner-up and only on a technicality since we didn't buy it for ourselves: the incredible LEGO set sent as a gift from my mom. We built it slowly over a week, hoping to stretch the excitement as much as possible.

How about you? What was your wild--or at the very least unexpectedly awesome--quarantine purchase?

All items are linked via AmazonSmile and set-up to donate a portion of any purchases to our favorite nonprofit: Precious Kids Center.

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  1. Upon your glowing recommendation, we will be looking into that screen door for our home!! Thank you! We've bought lots of books, and closet organizers over the last six months...clean, read, clean, know, pandemic-y activities! (Still love that FRIENDS lego YOU!)