Searching For The Magic Words: Round 3


Well, it's about that time again, don't you think? 

Time for a few more tried and true meals with recipes that include the magic words ("my kids loved it") that practically ensure my husband will love it, too.

Here are our newest favorites:

The easiest and most delicious tacos... we typically opt for ground turkey over ground beef and it's still amazing.

As setting-you-up-for-disappointment as the name comes across, Holy Yum Chicken is consistently the most mouthwatering chicken I've ever made. And while this meal doesn't include the magic words per se, I figured anything that mixes honey, mustard, and maple syrup is going to be worth a try. 

I typically make the Holy Yum Chicken with a side of Parmesan Garlic Ranch Butter Smashed Potatoes. And, obviously, this name encapsulates every bit of punch you in the mouth flavor you'll get with each bite. (To be fair, everything we've made from Julie's blog so far has been incredible. So if you find yourself wandering about, pick a recipe or two to try!)

Baked Cajun Honey Dijon Chicken Tenders. (Shown above.) These are amazing. I even bought the recommended honey mustard dressing and it was well worth the extra trip to the store. I wish I'd taken a photo of ours, but they looked so good coming out of the over steaming hot, I dished them up and dug in too quickly to capture the moment. Do not expect any leftovers. 

We're on a Ground Turkey Nacho kick around here. It's become our go-to, ready in 15 minutes, comfort-y food that includes some vegetables. Sure, it also includes a lot of cheese, but I'm still gonna give us credit for the veggies. 

My mouth is watering...

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