Top 5 Thursday: My Favorite Children's Books

I love love to read. And, as much as I like to curl up on the couch with a good book for myself, I love to read to kids. My best friend Emily and her three boys love to read, too. We'd even surprise each other with new books to read together. (As the boys grew, this shifted into more of a book club which I'll tell you about another time.)

The very best children's books, in my opinion, are those that make kids shout, "Read it again!" at the end. And so, here are the best kid's books we've read together in the last few years:

1. The Book With No Pictures

2. Dragons Love Tacos 

3. Mother Bruce

4. Where The Wild Things Are

5. Are You My Mother?

Special shoutout to two that made me cry each time I read it, so the boys didn't want to read it twice in one sitting: I Am Martin Luther King, Jr. and I Am Abraham Lincoln.

I'm currently working to freshen up this list, but the boy I'm currently nannying is a bit one-track (no pun intended) when it comes to his books... it's trains or nothing. I've yet to find a train-themed book I enjoy reading as much as he does. (If you know of one, let me know! You'll make us both so happy!)

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  1. I LOVED reading to you and Zac EVERY SINGLE NIGHT when you were little. YOU would go grab five or six Berenstain Bears or Little Golden Books and OF COURSE 'Are you my mother?' (SNORRRRT!) Thank you for a little trip down memory lane...and for a good list of GIFTS to buy little children too!