Christmas Ornaments For Everyone

I know, I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet. But we're decking the halls around here and shopping for Christmas gifts before we miss small business shipping windows.

Part of our Christmas tradition includes surprising one another with an ornament for our tree. The hope is that someday the majority of the ornaments will have memories that are "ours."

As I searched for Josh's ornament this year (and, let's be honest, one for Charlie, too), I found a handful of others that I thought were fun. 

1. How cute would this be for a friend who loves to travel? (and, of course, has been missing it deeply this year.) For the same person, see also: Cruise ship.

2. Gosh I love this set so much. For those who love women in powerful roles. For those who tore through The Crown. For those who haven't stopped morning the loss of RBG.

3. Pretty sure I'll be purchasing this one for Josh. The number of frozen snickers bars in our home at all times is impressive.

4. For anyone who loves puns. I'd hang this on our tree and, anytime someone new came over, I'd make a "Guac-ing around the Christmas Tree" joke. (You can't use that, I won't mind.)

5. For the 4th-grade boy in your life... or the youth pastor who still eats like a 4th-grade boy. 

6. For the siblings or roommates or spouses who always seemed to be hungry for the same snack at the same time. Or the long-distance friends who just love a good Mission Viejo from Bagels and Brew. 

7. I'm tempted to buy a dozen of these and hang them all over our tree. 

8. For the reader in your home... or for yourself.

9. For anyone who missed a trip to the coast, whose membership to the aquarium proved worthless, or whose child found Planet Earth during shelter-in-place.

10. Any other year this may have been a little niche, but I'm willing to bet most men attempted some form of facial hair during shelter-in-place. 

Two bonus ornaments: for the friend or family member who took to the kitchen during the pandemic. Or the one who hoarded all the toilet paper

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  1. These are BRILLIANT!!! THANK YOU for some GREAT gift ideas!! LOVE these!