Top 5 Thursday: Funny Kid Moments

the thank you note we received after B's birthday party. 
He told me it says, "Dear Allison and Josh. Thank you for coming to my party. Thank you for my present. I love you so much, I will never, never, never, never, ever not love you."

Every Thursday for a little over a year, I spend the day babysitting a (now) 4-year-old. At first, we mostly played with trains and read books about trains, and walked the toy aisle of Target looking at trains. But for the last few months, he's become my errand buddy. We drive around town alternating grown-up responsibilities and fun stops: grocery store, then the library, then Target, then the pet store. And, throughout the day, we talk--well, mostly, he talks--but he has such a fun perspective on things, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you today.

On Vacation Highlights: (growing louder with each sentence.) 

We stayed at a hotel. There was a tv in my mom and dad’s room! You can lay in bed and watch the tv. AND There was a pool... inside! AND THEY HAD STAIRS!

On Sports Fans:

Him: That’s where I play soccer.

Me: Oh really? Josh and I will come watch and we'll cheer. We’ll say, “Yay! Go Bry!” 

Him: Nah. Don’t do that. 

Me: Don’t come watch or don’t cheer?

Him: Don’t cheer. [pause] Well, maybe you can cheer like ghosts. Like “Ooooo! Goooooo Bryyyyyy.”

On Birthday Gifts:

"You can buy that thing and my Granada can buy that. But I'm gonna buy this one myself. I just need to get some rectangle money."

On Real Estate: 

"We’re moving to a house with a pool! I’m gonna use all my money, my mom will give me all her money too and get another job to get more money and we can use that too. We have to get a lot of money 'cuz it costs like $600."

On Death:

Him: [out of the blue] "We’re all gonna die." 

Me: [confused] "What?"

Him: "We’re gonna die and Jesus will bring us back to life."

Me: "Well, you’re not wrong, but that's a pretty dark thing to say in the shampoo aisle."

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  1. This is adorable...and hysterical! You should start a book...truly! He's a kick! (The rectangle money is my fave!)