Top 5 Thursday: I Can Watch That Show In One Day

Like the rest of the Netflix-subscribing world, we watched Tiger King during shelter-in-place. And because time was irrelevant during those weeks, we stayed up, bowls of Lucky Charms in hand, and watched the entire show in one night. 

Which, I have to say, is the only reason we made it through. Had it been an entire 22-episode season, I don't know that I would have been able to watch the whole thing. There was such so much brokenness, manipulation, and abuse in each person's story. Who needed to shoulder more emotional weight during a pandemic? I sure didn't. And yet, we watched.

Once we finished, we were on the hunt for more shows with that "can't turn it off" feeling. So, in case you're on the hunt for TV Shows to watch over Christmas break, here are five (other) shows we finished in a single day.


Waco (Netflix) - Taylor Kitsch plays David Koresh with a great balance of creepy likeability. While I remember hearing a bit about the events on the compound of the Branch Davidians growing up, Josh--a Texan and History-buff--knew much more about it. We paused a few times to look up the accuracy of various elements, but for the most part, we were glued to the tv. The ending is, of course, heartbreaking and heavy (we had to watch a few Seinfeld episodes before bed) but it's really well done.


The Jinx (HBO) - Linked to three murders, but still walking free, The Jinx is a true story of Robert Durst, son of one of the wealthiest families in Manhattan. Durst tells his own story to the documentary team and it's just a wild as you'd imagine. (This was my second watch through--Josh's first. We've already recommended it to at least a dozen friends. It's so odd and so intriguing.)


Manhunt: Unabomber (Netflix) - This miniseries, originally on Discovery Channel, tells the story of the man--and the team--who developed a new style of investigation called Forensic Linguistics to track down and arrest Ted Kaczynski. It was fascinating to watch as all of this unfolds after the team notes a single odd phrase in documents included with bombs sent by The Unabomber through the USPS.


11.22.63 (Hulu) - Based on a novel by Stephen King, James Franco goes back to the early Sixties in an effort to prevent the assassination of JFK. It may be because I'm not a huge fan of James Franco in serious roles (I do love his guest appearance on 30 Rock) or because the ending seemed predictable, but over all, I liked this show, I didn't love it. 


Stranger Things Season 1 (Netflix) - One night, after a game of Dungeons and Dragons, middle school student Will Byers disappears. In true 80s fashion, it's up to his friends and family to find him. Josh and I had both already seen all three seasons of the show, but after a very fun, very full Birthday weekend, we decided to spend an entire day on our couch, rewatching Season 1. Turns out, it holds up. And it's just as fun yelling, "WILL!" as it is yelling "WALT!" during LOST.

How about you? Have you ever watched an entire show or season in a single sitting? If so, what was it? Maybe that'll be next on our list!

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  1. Thank you for a list of new shows! Since a whole season is sometimes 6 shows now, we have, indeed, watched whole seasons in one shot. Mrs. Maisel is definitely one of those. The Queen's Gambit is another (excellent!) 7 episode series. And, Emily in Paris was a DELIGHT for me to watch and finish in one day- (alone--while Dave watched Walking Dead episodes downstairs!) We finished The Crown Season 4 in two nights....SO good. I highly recommend the entire series...!