Work From Home

Sure, I could have cleaned up and made the place look photo-worthy, but this is what it looks like in real life... and isn't that more interesting? Or at least freeing for those who also have similarly chaotic living rooms?

I work from home most of the time these days. I was at home one day a week pre-Covid and now I'm here three.

As overstuffed as it can make the living room feel to have a small desk tucked into the corner--or as chaotic as it can be to find the right angle/lighting/noise-level for a staff meeting (especially when the complex landscape crew comes roaring by), it really can be quite cozy.

I've always been a fairly independent worker, so lack of proximity to my boss doesn't bother me. And I've always loved to be in my pajamas at any, if not all, hours of the day, so it's a huge bonus to keep my one pair of now-overly-washed sweatpants on from morning to evening.

This little coworker has been an added bonus. He sleeps on the job--and often chimes in or takes a bathroom break in the middle of an important project--but his little snores and yawns and snuggles make up for it.

I'm beginning to wonder how I'll ever work in an office again. I think I may need to invest in some incredibly comfy dress pants. Truth be told, Charlie will never adjust to being home alone for the majority of the day. It's really hard to say who will have a more difficult time adjusting to the new routine. For now, we'll both just soak it in.

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