Our 2020 Christmas Tree

Christmas came a little earlier than normal in our house this year. Like so many others, we just needed the extra joy.

We talked through some options given that we have an extremely curious little puppy who eats everything he finds on the floor and tends to jump without warning. We'd landed on getting a small tree and letting it dominate the kitchen table, essentially rendering our dining corner a Christmas display and choosing to eat every meal at the coffee table for the next month.

Typically, I'm on board with waiting until the day after Thanksgiving--let the turkey have its day. We're also typically a real tree household. I want to go to the tree lot, tie it precariously to the roof of the car (which the poor employee had so much trouble with last year), and clumsily drag it from the car to the house. I even enjoy cleaning up pine needles for weeks and weeks.

But then, after my Papa died, it just felt like I needed something other than pie to lift my spirits. And a small, tabletop tree wasn't going to cut it. So we found a massive fake tree on sale at Target (50% off? Yes please!) and decided to pull the trigger.

But, this year, I'm very much okay with the plastic tree if it means more time with the sparkly twinkle lights and memory-filled ornaments.  

You can find us here, snuggled next to our tree, until mid-January if I have anything to say about it! ;) 

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  1. It's beautiful...I'm sure Charlie Ray will have a wonderful first Christmas. We put ours up before Thanksgiving this year too...I might keep it up for a few more months at this point--like you, it does make my heart a little happier.(And these days, I could really use a little more happy...) MERRY CHRISTMAS CHARLIE RAY! (Say like the Peanuts cartoon characters...!)