Searching For the Magic Words: Round 4


You may already know by now that my husband, the youth pastor, is a semi-picky eater. Well, that's not entirely true... he'll eat just about anything, it's just that his list of go-to meals is short and resembles that of a 4th Grade boy. So, shortly after we were married, as I tired of mac and cheese and suggestions of pizza, I started looking for recipes with the magic words, "My kids loved it!" sure that someone else's children had about the same palate as my in-his-mid-thirties spouse. 

And, honestly, I was right. He's loved nearly everything I've found. So much so that we've been able to start venturing out and trying recipes without those magic words!

Here are five of our new favorites:

These Pretzel Crusted Chicken Fingers were a huge hit--especially topped with Hot HoneyI have to say, they don't reheat super well, so you should probably just eat the entire batch on the first night.

And, while you don't have to eat the whole batch of this on night one, you may want to because this Green Chili Chicken Soup (shown above) is amazing. The tiniest dollop of sour cream added the perfect amount of creaminess. 

We were on a little bit of a soup kick a few weeks back--well, I was, since I'm the primary menu maker around here. But we've already made this Chicken Orzo soup (recipe buried in the top few paragraphs) again, twice! (The orzo soaks up the chicken stock more than I expected, so be sure to have plenty on-hand.)

This Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole was so cozy and filling without being overly heavy. Even though we had it just last week, I'll make it again this week since we have a cold front coming in. (Bonus: it reheated deliciously!)

You already know how much I love British TV, specifically The Great British Baking Show, so when I saw Nadiya's Time to Eat on Netflix, I watched the entire season and earmarked recipes I wanted to try. We started with this Chicken Shawarma, which was so easy and so good, though remarkably spicy. Next time, I think I'd use 1/4 of the cayenne and 1/2 of the cinnamon.)

For our other go-to recipes, click here: my husband eats like a teenager

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