Sock It To Me

In the nearly four months Charlie has lived with us, we've learned a few things about him:

1) He has full-blown FOMO and can't stand for either of us to be behind a closed door. Heaven forbid we're both in another room--he takes personal offense to being left out.

2) He doesn't need to taste what we're eating, but he must smell it. He will settle for smelling our breath after we've taken a bite but he refuses to lay down until he knows how our meal, snack, or coffee smells.

3) He has a deep, deep love for Josh's socks. Not tearing them up or hiding them, but he can find them anywhere and would carry a pair (always two) around in his mouth all day if we'd let him.

A few weeks ago, while we were getting ready for bed, Charlie snuck into the closet. Usually, he'll make his way back out after a few seconds with a sock in his mouth and look at us knowingly, waiting for us to take it away.

But this night, we didn't see him come back out. We waited a minute or two, as we brushed our teeth, but still no sign of Charlie.

So, we headed to the closet to investigate. And we found this...

He'd nestled into the laundry basket and nodded off. He was startled when we poked our heads in and started laughing.

Then he found himself a little snack!

So proud of himself.

When we didn't make him get out, he saw an opportunity. He slowly tossed out one sock, then another, and climbed out to pick them up... I'm assuming he thought he'd bring his new toys to bed.

We've since been working on teaching him to bring the socks to the laundry basket. We figure, if he knows how to get them out, he should be able to put them in. Fingers crossed!

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  1. He is adorable!! This is the smile I needed to start the day!! So cute!!