Top 5 Thursday: Puppy Purchases

It's been a few months since we brought Charlie home and I think we're finally figuring out this puppy thing! We've got a little bit of a routine, he's feeling more comfortable with us, and we're all (finally) sleeping through the night. Honestly, I have no idea what it feels like to have a newborn--or a toddler going through sleep regression--but I've experienced a small glimpse of the sleep deprivation, and, let me tell you, it's not a good look on me.

Here are the five best things we've found for Charlie. In case you find yourself with a ribbon-wrapped puppy under your Christmas tree! 

1. This baby gate. I compared prices and reviews on a few dozen puppy gates and playpens before finally buying this baby gate. It was cheaper, the reviews said it was sturdier, and it was available for pick-up at my local Target. Now, on nice days, we can put up the gate in our front door and Charlie will lay there for hours. I believe that's what Michael Scott would call a win-win-win

2. His "Buddy" The Triceratops. Tell me this little napping duo is not one of the cutest things you've seen in a long time. I dare you. Okay, maybe second to these pals

3. No one gets more attention--and is worth every penny--more than this Bunny tug-o-war. Charlie can't get enough. 

4. I know, I know. I never imagined myself owning dog clothing, but I couldn't help it. And, while we thought he might hate his pajamas and try to tear them off, he actually really loves them. 

We bought this tent with the hope of taking it camping--or at least to hotels/Airbnbs to help him sleep at night, but his separation anxiety got the better of him one night and he punched his way through one of the screen now it's an afternoon nap tent. 

5. BUT, the real purpose of this photo is to show you that little red Kong Toy which can be filled with treats and is the easiest way to lure him into his crate when it's time for us to leave.

We're definitely still figuring out this whole puppy ownership thing, so if you have recommendations on toys or treats or travel equipment, let me know!

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