And They Call It Puppy Love

It's been nearly three months since the day we picked up Charlie from the foster home. And, without fail, he's brought energy, laughter, and a little chaos to our lives every day since.

Aaaaand a more accurate picture of his demeanor. If he's not napping, he's racing around the house.

And sniffing e v e r y thing.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: 

Exhibit C:

Aside from smelling every square inch of our house, and eating socks and leaves, there's nothing he loves more than snuggling Josh. Every night he curls up in Josh's lap and falls into a deep sleep (and snores) while we watch a show. 

Two snuggly buds enjoying a Thanksgiving Day nap.

When one of us leaves the house, he sits and stares at the door until we come back.

As he's been teething, he's been a little needier. But seeing as I was grieving the loss of my Grandfather and fighting a bout of Covid, I didn't mind the extra company. We snuggled up in 'the big bed' under the fan and watched many, many baking shows in those weeks.

For Christmas, we bought him a new bunny toy to replace the one he'd demolished a few months back. I wish we had a video of his excitement when we pulled the bunny from the package because he went bananas. Just over the top joy at the return of his old friend. They've been inseparable ever since.

Though his given name is Charlie Ray, we've taken to calling him Charles Fitzwallace in the last few months, since we've needed a longer name to holler when he's up to something... which, as a puppy, is often.

But even when he's a feisty little troublemaker or a stubborn ball of emotions, we're so glad he's ours. We can't get enough of our Charlie boy. 

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  1. Thank you for a LOL post to start the day! Charles Fitzwallace is adorable!! So happy that you have him to love. And vice versa!